Illatszirom – friss ágynemű

890 Ft 790 Ft

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New home fragrance candle? Yes. The Bolsius illatszirmaival possible. Create your own scent!

Who does not like the smell of freshly washed linen? To do this, you do not need a new bed sheets thrown in the washing machine, just enough to ignite such a illatszirmot or mixed with other illatszirommal create a new scent, like a fruity, floral or spice cases Osato well.

Burn time: 10 hours
Material: paraffin wax

The candles are never left unattended! Before use read the operating instructions for you !

Csak 2 maradt készleten

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További információk

Tömeg71 g


Égési idő:

10 óra


8 db

Szirmok mérete:

3,5 cm/szirom

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